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Spa Etiquette: Massage Dos & Donts

(Dos: reservation, on time, clean & jewelry free, communicate

Donts: be sick or contigous, be loud, forget to thank & tip accordingly)


Massage Today: "When Cancer Involves the Liver"

By Tracy Walton, LMT, MS

It was a home visit and my client had advanced pancreatic cancer, metastasized to the liver. He was struggling with pain and breathing. Liver involvement had given him ascites, an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. He also had leg swelling and difficulty breathing....

Stress Management

Massage Therapy and Diabetes

Pregnancy & Product Safety

11 Tips to Better Posture
11 Tips to Better Posture

11 Tips to Better Posture


15 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know